Memorial Awards

Fraser South Memorial Awards

Ella J. Crabb – a charter member of FSRS and former editor of our newsletter. Ella gave generously of her enthusiasm, her time, her labour and her plants. She could be depended upon whenever help was needed, be it planting or searching the literature for tid-bits of knowledge of interest.
GerryEmersonGerry C. Emerson – a charter member of FSRS. It was Gerry’s generous donation of funds that made it possible for a fledgling club to survive its first critical months. It was important to him that the club begin its existence properly. Gerry was very interested in propagation and had begun working with meristem culture.
HaroldJohnsonHarold Johnson – FSRS probably owes its very beginning to Harold. He was eager to increase the number of chapters in District 1 and was instrumental in starting many new chapters. A ‘hands-on’ grower and propagator himself, Harold’s enthusiasm made him the quintessential ambassador for the genus rhododendron.
  Ella J. Crabb Memorial Award Gerry C. Emerson Memorial Award Harold Johnson Memorial Award
1997 Pat Dahl Arnim Roeske Les Clay
1998 Lillian Emerson John Anderson Melba Johnson
1999 Janet & John Warner ‘Doc’ Finley Phyllis Anderson
2000 Joan & Len Bengough Trev Badminton Mike Bale
2001 Sue Klapwijk
Mary Anne Berg
Colleen Forster Wendy Sellars
2002 ‘Mike’ Trembath   Chris Klapwijk
2003 Mike Bale Vern Finley Wenonah March
2004 Karen Linton Dixie Mueller Brenda Macdonald
2005 Joan Bengough Alan March Lori & Dalen Bayes
2006 Patti Bale Garth Wedemire Sean Rafferty
2007   Harold Fearing  
2008     Larry Morton
2009 Cherry Groves Bobby Ogdon Bill Bischoff
2010 Ginny Fearing Arlene Darby  Joan McGiveron
2011 no awards given
2012 Margaret Hodgson Matt Groves Nancy Moore
2013 Joan McGiveron
Bill Bischoff
Chris Hodgson
2014 John & Gael Dodd Evelyn Jensen Kirsten Martin
2015   Chuck Floyd Jim Worden
2016 Sean Rafferty Ginny Fearing Les Clay
2017 no awards given
2018 Maureen Worden   Gail Floyd & Lois Williams
2019   Gerald Nemanishen  
2020 no awards given
2021 Barb Mathias   John Dodd

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