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Garden for Life, A Review
ADAMS, James Landscaping with Herbs Landscape Design
ADAMS, John F. Guerrilla Gardening Gardening General
ADEN, Paul Hosta Book (The) - 2nd Edition Perennials
ARGENT, Dr. George Rhododendrons of subgenus – VIREYA Rhododendrons
ARMITAGE, Allan M. Armitage's Garden Perennials Perennials
ARS ARS Guidelines for Flower Shows & Judging Rhododendrons
ARS ARS American Rhododendron Hybrids Rhododendrons
BATH, Jane Landscape Design Answer Book Landscape Design
BATH, Trevor Hardy Geraniums Perennials
BEAN, W.J. Trees & Shrubs Hardy in British Isles Trees, shrubs
Beijing Botanical Research Institution of academica Sinica Rhododendrons of China Rhododendrons
Better Homes & Gardens Complete Guide to Gardening Gardening General
BIRD, Richard Lilies Perennials
BRICKELL, Christopher Cavendish Encyclopedia of Pruning & Training Pruning
BRICKELL, Christopher Gardener's Encyclopedia of Plants & Flowers, The Plants General
BROOKES, John Garden Book, The Gardening General
BRYAN, John Bulbs - Volume I & II Bulbs
BUCZACKI, Stefen Gardening Book Gardening General
BUFFIN, Michael W. Winter Flowering Shrubs Shrubs Review
BURNARD, Mary Garden Heritage of New Zealand Gardens: Specific Descriptions
CADWALADR, Margaret In Veronica's Garden Gardens: Specific Descriptions
CALLAWAY, Dorothy J. World of Magnolias, The Trees
CLAPHAM, Sidney Primulas Perennials
CLARK, J. Harold Getting Started with Rhododendron & Azaleas Rhododendrons
CLEGG, Pete & D. WATKINS Complete Greenhouse Book, The Greenhouse Gardening
COOMBES, Allen J. Dictionary of Plant Names Catalogues, Dictionaries
COX, Kenneth N.E. Plantsmans Guide to Rhododendrons, A Rhododendrons Review
COX, Kenneth N.E. Rhododendrons & Azaleas - A Colour Guide Rhododendrons Review
COX, Peter A. Cultivation of Rhododendrons, The Rhododendrons

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