Bronze Medals

ARS Bronze Medals Awarded

Many Fraser South Chapter members have been awarded American Rhododendron Society Bronze Medals over the years. Please help us to update this list (if it is incomplete or incorrect).

1993 Ella & Dave Crabb
“This Bronze Medal is awarded for their efforts as charter members of The Fraser South Rhododendron Society, a Chapter of the A.R.S. Ella has served, assisted by Dave, as editor of the newsletter, Dave built cabinets for the library, They graciously open their garden, donate plants, and assist at plant sales. For their leadership and encouragement to the Chapter, we award this medal.”
1997 Diane Scott
“In appreciation of the cheerful enthusiasm with which you arranged so many club activities – plant sales, shows,and social events, and for the valuable records you have maintained, we award you the Society’s Bronze Medal.
1997 Wendy & David Sellars
“In appreciation of the many hours you have committed to the production of an excellent newsletter, and interesting and educational programmes, and for sharing with us the beauty of your garden we award you the Society’s Bronze Medal.”
1998 Pat Dahl
“In recognition of your outstanding commitment and support to so many of the Chapter’s activities since its very inception; and in particular appreciation for your role as librarian, The Fraser South Rhododendron Society is pleased to present the A.R.S. Bronze Medal.”
1999 ‘Bev’ & ‘Les’ Clay
“The Fraser South Rhododendron Society, a Chapter of the A.R.S., is very pleased to recognize the outstanding contributions by Leslie and Beverly Clay. ‘Les’ has been a diligent member of our chapter as well as serving on the executive committee in several capacities. We have counted heavily on his expertise as a grower, as a source of knowledge about plants and people, as a generous donor of plants, and as a host for many rhododendron sales. Beverly, an active participant in the work of the nursery, has with unfailing cheer acted as hostess for many social functions: truly “above and beyond”. It is a special privilege to present ‘Les’ and ‘Bev’ Clay with the Bronze Medal.”
2000 ‘Mike’ Trembath
“In appreciation of the many contributions you have made to the Society through your knowledge of the genus Rhododendron and your willingness to share your expertise with others, for organizing the annual Truss Show and for the many hours you have committed to the production of our excellent newsletter, we award you the Society’s Bronze Medal.”
2001 Mike Bale
“At the centre of almost every activity of The Fraser South Rhododendron Society, a Chapter of the A.R.S., you will find Mike Bale, either as instigator or enthusiastic supporter. He has been incredibly generous to our club and its members. Videotapes of many of our programmes have been taken by Mike and made available to members. Mike’s enthusiasm is infectious, his tour organization legendary, and his own garden an on-going labour of art and beauty. It is as a small token of our enormous gratitude to Mike that we are pleased to present to him the A.R.S. Bronze Medal.”
2004 Sue Klapwijk
“Sue Klapwijk has been a most Generous and Outstanding Contributor to The Fraser South Rhododendron Society, a Chapter of the A.R.S., in many different ways. She has been an active member of the Executive for many years. She has served as Secretary and as the Ways & Means Chairperson Responsible for coordinating many of the social activities including the Annual Picnic and our Christmas Gala. She has contributed numerous plants to the Chapter and willingly shared her Knowledge and Expertise. Her efforts have been accomplished in a Quiet and Thoughtful manner and in an Efficient and Cooperative Spirit. The Chapter is pleased to recognize her Vigorous Energy by the highest award that we are able to bestow: the ARS BRONZE MEDAL 2004″
2004 Colleen Forster
“As a gesture of our gratitude for the numerous contributions made by Colleen Forster to the activities of The Fraser South Rhododendron Society, a Chapter of the A.R.S., we are honoured to bestow her our Highest Award. She has shared her Passion and Enthusiasm on a regular monthly basis, both at Chapter Meetings and in ‘The Yak’. Many of her articles have been published in the A.R.S. Journal and Read around the World. She has Generously donated numerous plants to the Chapter and is a Significant Contributor to plant sales. We are pleased to recognize her Valued contribution by the Award of the Bronze Medal.”
2004 Dr. Norma Senn
“The Fraser South Rhododendron Society, a Chapter of the A.R.S., is pleased to bestow its Highest Award to Dr. Norma Senn for her many contributions to the Chapter. She has been a member of the Executive for many years and has served as President for two years. She was Programme Director for many years and was instrumental in bringing to the Chapter’s meetings, speakers of an Exceptional Calibre. She is a regular contributor to ‘The Yak’ and has been an enthusiastic Supporter of our bus tours. In addition, she has contributed generously of her Professional Expertise and her Knowledge. She has willingly shared her garden with all members. She is a most valued and esteemed member of The Fraser South Rhododendron Society. It is a privilege to award Norma the Bronze Medal 2004″
2005 John and Janet Warner
“John and Janet Warner have been quiet but enthusiastic members of the Fraser South Chapter since 1994. During this time Janet served as secretary and John as treasurer on the executive for many years. You have been mainstays at our club plant sales, helping in many capacities, and have added much to your own garden in the process. Janet, an author in her own right, has stepped in and ably helped with the library and book sales when needed. She has also written such glowing accounts of Chapter garden tours as to cause much regret among those not able to attend. We are pleased to honour your cheerful support and capable management of club records with our highest award, the ARS Bronze Medal for 2005.”
2005 Trevor and Doreen Badminton
“With gratitude, the Fraser South Chapter is pleased to recognize the many contributions made by Trevor and Doreen Badminton with our highest commendation. You have generously provided plants from your Rhodo Ranch with excellent photos to accompany many of them for our annual plant sales, for meetings, and for raffles. Your home and beautifully manicured garden have been graciously offered for our summer picnics on many occasions, and we appreciate the immense efforts on your part to make these events truly enjoyable. Since joining the chapter in 1996, Trevor has served on our executive committee in numerous capacities…director, treasurer, vice president, and president. He has shared his love and knowledge of the Yak hybrids with us in very informative presentations. The Fraser South Chapter is honored to award Trevor and Doreen with the American Rhododendron Society Bronze Medal.”
2006 Mary Berg
“For her tireless work on behalf of the Fraser South Rhododendron Society and its members – doing everything: organizing and outfitting tours, record keeping, phoning, problem solving, and as secretary for our Chapter for several years. And, for her work above and beyond the call of duty for our Chapter’s A.R.S. Fall Conference, where her efforts went on and on, mostly behind the scenes. For example, managing the photo exhibit, record keeping, setting up and cleaning up the events hall, and most importantly, soothing jangled nerves. The Fraser South Rhododendron Society would like to honor Mary Berg by awarding her the A.R.S. BRONZE MEDAL for 2006, with our grateful thanks.”
2008 Brenda Macdonald
“You have been a generous contributor to our society as well as a member of our executive for many years. You expanded your knowledge of the Genus Rhododendron through seminars held at the R.S.F. This led you on two trips to China. Through your photographs and commentaries the rest of our society were able to share some of your adventures and experiences. You volunteered for a very large challenge a number of years ago with enthusiasm and unending energy. In the process you have created an exceptional newsletter for our society. For your outstanding contributions, as editor of “The Yak”, the Fraser South Rhododendron Society, a chapter of the A.R.S. is honoured to bestow our highest award, the Bronze Medal.”
2009 Sean Rafferty
“You have served for many years on the Executive Committee of the Fraser South Rhododendron Society as Director and Vice President. You enthusiasm for knowledge and diversity has inspired all of us. You readily volunteer when needed, for raffles, organizing the Plant Sale, our conference at Harrison Hot Springs, delivering plants, contributing plants for raffles and auctions, as well as treating us to wonderful photographs and stories of your adventures in China. For your tireless contributions to the Fraser South Rhododendron Society, we are pleased to bestow upon you, our highest award, the A.R.S. Bronze Medal.”
2010 Lori & Dalen Bayes
“You have shared your passion and enthusiasm for plants by opening your beautiful garden to us. Your extensive travels in northern reaches as well as China show your love of nature; the beautiful pictures and tales of places many of us will never venture, warmed many a cold winter evening at our Chapter Meetings. You have participated in many of our club activities, helping at our annual plant sales, Dalen as Santa Claus at our Christmas dinner and auctioneer at our picnic, and many of Lori’s delicious pies have graced our tables. You served on the executive committee in several capacities, Dalen as Vice-President and President and currently, Lori serves as a Director. The Fraser South Rhododendron Society is pleased to bestow upon you our highest award, The ARS Bronze Medal for 2010 LORI & DALEN BAYES”
2012 Harold Fearing
“You have been a generous and outstanding member of the Fraser South Rhododendron Society. You have served admirably and faithfully as a Director, President, and Past President, and are presently diligently serving as Treasurer. The knowledge and enjoyment you have shared with all, of growing species rhododendrons from seeds, is immeasurable. You have generously contributed plants to our raffles, enticed us with plants for sale at meetings, made many contributions to the Yak, willingly helped at all club functions to set up, tear down, as well as kitchen duties. We have welcomed every generous invitation to visit your lovely garden. The Chapter is pleased to recognize you for your many contributions. With the highest award that we are able to bestow, the ARS BRONZE MEDAL – 2012″
2012 Chris Klapwijk
“As a gesture of our gratitude for the many years that you have served as Webmaster of the Fraser South Rhododendron Society, we are pleased to bestow on you our highest award. Since establishing this website in May 2002, you have maintained and supported it, creating an amazing, easy-to-use site, with pictures, calendars, history, “The Yak” and much more. This is a website well appreciated by all who visit. As Mike Trembath would say, “You need to post a new picture to the front page”. Our summer picnics would not be the same without your wit and entertainment as you convinced us to empty our wallets. Thank you for your contributions to the Yak, as well as presenting as a guest speaker at meetings. It is our privilege to award Chris the ARS BRONZE MEDAL – 2012.”
2013 Karen Linton
An army marches on its stomach according to both Napoleon and Frederick the Great. It is lesser known, yet equally clothed in authority, that the same rubric is applicable to the Fraser South Rhododendron Society.
Your accomplishments surpass both of the aforementioned leaders. You are our Queen of epicurean organization, enabling the Fraser South legions to enjoy themselves at each meeting and social function with level of excellence superior to all other Chapters.
You have been our gracious and generous hostess sharing your beautiful home and gardens with us for many years to accommodate our annual picnic and auction, in addition to your invaluable organizational support of our annual Christmas Potluck.
It is with the greatest of pleasure that the Fraser South Rhododendron Society bestows upon you their highest honour, The Bronze Medal 2013.
2013 Larry Morton
You are the first to arrive at our monthly meetings, plant sales and all social events to help with the staging and you are the last to leave after the take down and sweeping up. Your energy and dedication imbues us all.
You have been a valued and energetic member of our club executive committee and are relied upon for shouldering any and every duty at our annual plant sale.
We are all extremely grateful for your kindness with perennially hosting our annual picnic and auction at your lovely estate.
The Fraser South Rhododendron Society is especially privileged to award you The Bronze Medal 2013 our highest honour.
2014 Nancy Moore
You have been a long term, loyal member of the Fraser South Rhododendron Society. You can often be found behind the desk, collecting money or running the raffle at the plant sales, recording sales at our June picnic auction, or helping with registration at conferences.
You have served as a Director, contributing thoughtful comments to our discussions. You have seen to publicizing our sales within the garden community and have shared your expertise on garden design. In a lighter vein, you have been an excellent Santa’s helper at our Christmas parties in years past.
Most of all, when a job needs to be done, you can be counted upon to be one of the first to volunteer.
In thanks, the Chapter is pleased to present you with our highest award, the A.R.S. Bronze Medal.
2018 Evelyn Jensen
You have been a long term member of the Fraser South Rhododendron Society and from the beginning could always be found helping at the plant sales, and in the kitchen, and whenever things needed doing.
You stepped in as Membership Chair when the position became vacant, and later served as Vice President.
You served admirably as President, keeping our meetings and activities running smoothly. You made meetings of the executive both efficient and fun.
In thanks for all of these contributions the Chapter is pleased to present you our highest award, the ARS Bronze Medal.


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