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TERRY, Bill & BATES, Rosemary Beauty by Design Plants General Review
THOMAS, Graham Stuart Plants for Ground Cover Ground Covers
TRIPP, K.E. & J.C. RAULSTON Year in Trees, The Trees
TURNER, Mark & GUSTAFSON, Phyllis Wildflowers of the Pacific Northwest Hodgson
TURNER, Roger Design in the Plant Collector's Garden Landscape design Hodgson
VAN GELDEREN, D.M. Conifers 2nd Edition; (& J.R.P. van Hoey Smith) Trees Review
VAN GELDEREN, D.M. Maples of the World (& P.D. de Jong & H.J. Oterdoom) Trees
VAN GELDEREN, D.M. Rhododendron Portraits (& J.R.P. van Hoey Smith) Rhododendrons Hodgson
VAN VEEN, Ted Rhododendrons in America Rhododendrons Review
VARNER, Colin & Christine ALLEN Gardens of Vancouver Gardens: Specific Descriptions
VERTREES, J.D. Japanese Maples - 8th printing Trees Hodgson
Wade, L. Keith Phenology of Cultivated Rhododendrons in the Lower mainland of B.C. Rhododendrons Review
WALKER, Judith Garden for Life, A Hodgson
WASHINGTON State Univ. How to Identify Rhodo & Azalea Problems Pests and Diseases
WAY,David & Peter James Gardeners Guide to Growing Penstemons, The Perennials
WHARTON, Peter, Brent HINE & Douglas JUSTICE Jade Garden, The Gardens: Specific Descriptions Hodgson
WHYSALL, Steve 100 Best Plants for the Coastal Garden Plants General Review
Wohlloben, Paul Hidden Life of Trees, The Trees

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