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NELSON, Sonja Rhododendrons in the Landscape Rhododendrons Hodgson
PAGE, Martin Gardener's Guide to Growing Peonies Perennials Hodgson
PETERS, Laura Small Space Gardening for Canada Hodgson
PHILLIPS & BARBER Rothschild Rhododendron, The Rhododendrons
POSTAN, Cynthia Rhododendron Story, The; RHS Rhododendrons
R.H.S. Dictionary of Gardening; Volumes (I?) - II - III - IV Catalogues, Dictionaries
R.H.S. Rhododendron Handbook; 1998 Rhododendrons
R.S.F. Plant Catalogue; 2001 Catalogues, Dictionaries
R.S.F. Rhododendron Species; Volume 8 - 2013 Rhododendrons
R.S.F. Rhododendron Species; Volume I - 2006 – 2007 Rhododendrons
RAIMONDI, Georgina Passionate Gardener Gardening General
RAVEN, Peter H. Biology of Plants (& Ray F. Evert & Helena Curtis) Plants General
READER'S DIGEST Guide to Creative Gardening Gardening General
REILEY, H. Edward Success with Rhododendrons & Azaleas Rhododendrons Hodgson
RICE, Graham Plants for Problem Places Plants General
RICE, Graham & STRANGMAN, Elizabeth Hellebores Perennials Hodgson
RICE. Graham & STRANGMAN, Elizabeth Gardener's Guide to Growing Hellebores Hodgson
RICHARDS, John Primula Perennials
Riverview Hort Society Riverview Lands; W. Canada's 1st Botanical Garden Gardens: Specific Descriptions
ROLFE, Jim & CAVE, Yvonne Camellias; A Practical Gardening Guide Camellias
SALLEY, Homer E. & GREER, Harold E. Rhododendron Hybrids 1st Ed; Guide to their Origins Rhododendrons
SALLEY, Homer E. & GREER, Harold E. Rhododendron Hybrids 2nd Ed; Guide to their Origins Rhododendrons
SCHENK, George Moss Gardening Mosses
SCHMID, W. George Encyclopedia of Shade Perennials (An) Perennials Hodgson
SMID, Theo C. Rhododendron Species Names et aliae Ericacea Rhododendrons
Sonja Nelson The Pacific Coast Rhododendron Story: the Hydridizers, Collectors and Garden Rhododendron Review
STREET, John Rhododendrons, Their Care & Cultivation Rhododendrons
SUNSET Cactus & Succulents, Indoor Uses, Landscape Ideas Succulents
SUNSET Lawns & Ground Cover Ground Covers
SUNSET Trees & Shrubs Trees, shrubs

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