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HOSHIZAKI, B.J. & Robbin MORAN Fern Grower's Manual Ferns Hodgson
ITO IHEI Brocade Pillow, Azaleas of Old Japan, A Azaleas
JAYNES, Richard A. Kalmia - Mountain Laurel & Related Species Shrubs Hodgson
JAYNES, Richard A. Kalmia - The Laurel Book Volume II Shrubs Hodgson
JEFFERSON-BROWN, Michael Narcissus Bulbs
JEFFERSON-BROWN, Michael & HOWLAND Harris Gardeners Guide to Growing Lilies Perennials
JENNINGS, K & L. MILLER Growing Fuchsias Perennials
JUSTICE, Clive L. Mr. Menzies Garden Legacy Gardens: Specific Descriptions
KINGDON-WARD, F. Rhododendrons Rhododendrons
KNELLER, Marianne Book of Rhododendrons (The) Rhododendrons
KOHLEIN, Fritz Iris Perennials
KORESHOFF, Deborah Bonsai Review
KRAYBERGER & KLAXENBERGER American Rhodo Hybrids Rhododendrons
LANCASTER, Roy Garden Plants for Connoisseurs Plants General
LANCASTER, Roy What Plant Where Landscape design
LAWSON-HALL,Tony & Brian ROTHERA Hydrangeas - A Gardeners Guide Shrubs
LEES-MILNE, A. & R. VERY New Englishman's Garden, The Gardens: Specific Descriptions
Livingston, Philip A. and West, Franklin H. Hybrida and Hybridizers, Rhododendrons & Azaleas for Eastern North America Rhododendrons Review
LLOYD, Christopher Adventurous Gardener Plants General Review
MacKENZIE, David S. Perennial Ground Cover Ground Covers
MACOBOY, Stirling Illustrated Encyclopedia of Camellias Camellias
Marchioness of Salisbury Gardens of Queen Elizabeth & The Queen Mother Gardens: Specific Descriptions
Margaret Cadwaladr A Secret Garden Darts Hill Garden Review
MATLOCK, John, Sean McCANN, Fred MITCHELL & Peter WOOD Complete Book of Roses Roses
McDONALD, Bruce Practical Woody Plant Propagation for Nursery Growers Propagation
McGUIRE, J.F.J. & ROBINSON, M.L.A. Pocket Guide to Rhododendron Species Hodgson
McRAE, Edward A. Lilies Perennials
MINEO, Baldassare Rock Garden Plants Alpines
MUNSON, Jr., R.W. Hemerocallis, The Day Lily Perennials
MURRAY, Susan M. Our Sylvan Heritage Trees

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